What is the syntax for if exist condition for uiautomation

i want to handle a exception if any window or element exist then perform some action else another. how do it be done in uiautomation what is the property for uiautomation like webautomation
if (WebAutomation.WebPageContainsElement BrowserInstance:Browser Control:workline.HR.image) then

Hello @nutanved.
The specific functionality hasn’t yet been implemented in Robin.
It is going to be available soon in a new release.

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James Papadimitriou
Technical Evangelist

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Hello @nutanved

I would suggest an approach like this:

UIAutomation.GetElementDetails Element: Notepad.Document_Text_Editor\
AttributeName:'Exists' AttributeValue=> Exists
    on error
        set Exists to 'false'
if Exists = 'true' then
    Console.Write Message: 'Exists'
    Console.Write Message: 'Doesn\'t exist'
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