(Web Automation) Embedded Acrobat DC item in web page

I am trying to check whether element present in window using “WebAutomation.WebPageContainsElement BrowserInstance:Browser Control:”
but I am getting error as mentioned below:
In order to perform this operation the Web Browser must be displaying an HTML page. (The type of the current page is: ‘adobe acrobat dc browser control implementation’)
Please guide me to resolve this issue?

Admin note: @supriya.shelke please always use descriptive titles for your topics (web automation is not a descriptive title)

The error message is pretty explanatory to be honest.
You are trying to retrieve/manipulate/find an element from a page which is not in HTML.
The page you are trying to manipulate with your Robin script is probable an embedded page generated from Adobe Acrobat DC (embedded pdf maybe?).

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