Using Chrome browser

I’ve been using IE and just switched over to Chrome. At the LaunchChrome call, I get runtime error “Failed to assume control of Chrome” Make sure add-on is installed. Could you provide link to install add-on?

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You need to add Softomotive add-on

Got to chrome Settings-> Extensions- Search for Softomotive add-on.

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I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the correct add-on needs to be installed along with Robin. I don’t believe it is available from the Chrome webstore. That might require a re-install.

In my setup, both Firefox and Chrome now have the add-on(s) listed as “Robin Automation”. In Chrome, it turns from red to gray unless Robin is controlling it. (It wouldn’t surprise me if the Softomotive Automation addon still works, but I wouldn’t count on it.)

@mai1701, I would install the Firefox add-on when you install the Chrome add-on just in case you need it (which you will).


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I recommend re-installing robin and installing the browser add-ons from there.