(TerminalEmulation) Error While Triggering PCOM Mainframe Emulator from Robin


I am trying to trigger PCOM Mainframe emulator from Robin. But, I am getting ‘Error Connecting with the Emulator’.

I have to connect Mainframe using VPN and the session name mentioned in the code is saved in my desktop and I am able to open it manually.

Please see the error screenshot below and help.

Subhro Dey

@subhro.dey Welcome to Robin Community!

Try with following HllapiPath:

C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Personal Communications\pcsws.exe

I hope it will work.

Thank You!

@Suniel Hi Suniel,

Thanks for your suggestion, but, no luck.
Kindly check the below screenshot and let me know if I am missing anything.

Thank you.

@subhro.dey, try using as Session Name the letter A:

Sessionname: 'A'

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@jokoum Hi Jokoum,

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this trick too, but , no luck. Below is the screenshot for your reference:

One observation from my end : pcsws.exe is inside Program files and the saved session which I am trying to open is in desktop. Can it be the reason it is failing? If so, can we mention the location where the session is saved in script? I do not have admin access. Hence, unable to save the session in the same location of exe file.