Set Screen Resolution of windows giving error

Failed to change display settings of monitor: 1

have checked for all admin rights, still the screen resolution doesn’t change

@Rjpatilkop, would you mind posting your code? It’s hard to tell what might be wrong otherwise.

system.GetScreenResolution MonitorNumber: 1 MonitorWidth=> MonitorWidth MonitorHeight=> MonitorHeight MonitorBitCount=> MonitorBitCount MonitorFrequency=> MonitorFrequency

system.SetScreenResolution MonitorNumber: 1 MonitorHeight: 800 MonitorWidth: 600 MonitorBitCount: MonitorBitCount MonitorFrequency: MonitorFrequency

Error :- Failed to change display settings of monitor: 1

Are you trying to change the resolution on an RDP session? Can you perform that action manually?

No, its my local machine with full admin rights granted - tried manually changing the screen resolution - it is changing

Ah sorry, I didn’t notice it before. You’ve set “Height” to 800 and “Width” to 600, which translates to 600x800 resolution. Try the other way around :slight_smile:

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