Scripts not running on remote VDI

I developed script for window application on VDI by connecting using remote desktop connection. It runs perfectly while I watch it seeing running on the RDC session.

But same script fails when run it by minimizing the RDC connection to look into other work.
Please suggest.

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Please let me know if you have any suggestions here. Object identification is failing when i minize RDC and run the script. Tried unattended by task scheduling the script there also it’s the same issue. I am kind of blocked due to this issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

@jpap @burque505 @jokoum @Code4FunVienna

Hi friends, please let me know if you have any solution or workaround for this? Need to close PoC to convince my management that we can start using Robin in upcoming projects.

I tried with notepad as well and the same issue exists.

IMO whole purpose of RPA in unattended mode for Windows apps gets defeated if this is a limitation.

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Hi Murali,
here the tips fom UIPath

give it a try - good luck :grinning:

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Thank you. I will give a try. But how do we run windows apps in unattended mode. I tried using task scheduler but it is failing to recognize elements. Any thoughts?

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Robin scripts can be executed through the CLI.
You can schedule .exe programs to run through the Task Scheduler.

Such files are generated by Visual Studio projects.
You can create a program to run your Robin scripts internally and then utilize the generated .exe from the task scheduler.

Feel free to use the program I have posted here:

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Thanks @jpap. I have taken similar approach by creating batch file as below and schedule it from task scheduler. Script launches the login window of my windows app but it fails to recognize elements on it. Any suggestions?

cmd /c robin run “D:\Murali\test.robin” >> “D:\Murali\op.txt” 2>&1

Line Colunm Error

78       0  Failed to write in TextBox (Error while writing)
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@jpap Any thoughts James? Or is it a limitation that would be fixed in future release?

Also, any help on:

@Murali perhaps you could also take advantage of the ‘Console’ session of the machine where the script is supposed to run. Instead of having the RDP window minimized, you could open CMD as administrator and execute the ‘query session’ command. Locate the ID of the rdp-tcp session you are currently connected to, and use the tscon command, so as to send your current session to the console:

Your RDP window will close, and the current session will be sent to the console.

As a result, the script will run unattended, without having to care about the RDP window.


@jokoum thanks a lot. Will give a try.

@jokoum i am in the process of trying out your suggestion. One qq this is to overcome RDP minimize issue but is there any way for unattended execution? AFAIK most of the commercial tools are having this facility like hub, controller etc. Is there any such option in Robin? Just waiting on this option or workaround to complete my POC :grinning:

unattended … robot is started and no interaction with user
attended … user triggers robot to start or
robot starts with some steps, then hands the control to the user to get some additional info (or so), afterwards the control goes back to the robot and the robot finishes the task

unattended … normal mode of Robin
attended … you need to use web service (that Robin may be provides - I have not checked) to trigger a robot from the user

You are right there must be some option to do it as in most of the use cases it’s unattended mode :slightly_smiling_face:
At least I didn’t find any find any option from Robin documentation. Not sure if it is in pipeline.
I checked web services, web and terminal…all of these worked with windows task scheduler. Issue seems to be only with windows app.

If you want to run Robin on an backend maschine you would need to develop some additional tools:

  • WebApplication that has an interface to the user and can start the Robin scripts on the backend maschine
  • a tool on the backend that communicates results back to the WebApplication

With theese two tools you could do all back and forth between user’s comuter and Robin maschine