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Hi Team
Its good to explore Robin but there are few questions that are popping up here and there while exploring.

  1. What will be the deploying/scheduling procedure of the Robin script once it is ready and tested. Like any other RPA tool like UiPath’s Orchestrator or AA’s Control room takes up all the load of these activities.
  2. Is there any functionality ready(or will be) to auto login windows account ?
  3. What if there is an action missing from Robin’s documentation and developer thinks of adding a custom action ? Can it be done ?

I am sorry if the questions are little basic or ahead of version.

Hey @Sahil,

  1. Robin is not a platform, it is a language. The first domain specific language fully developed for RPA, so there is no comparison between it and the platforms you mentioned.
    Think of each Robin script as a sole Robot. Once it completes its actions it terminates.
    You can check a 2-part guide I have created on how to implement your own RPA solution here:
    Guide: Create your own Robotic Desktop Automation implementation using Robin
    We are soon going to release Robin as an open-source project.
    After that the possibilities are limitless, for example the community could create a robot orchestrator/provisioning tool etc.
  2. Again this falls into the technology vs product offering comparison.
    You must create your own approach for unattended automation.
  3. I don’t know if I am exactly getting you question. Robin can be fully extended.
    You can create your own custom modules and actions by utilizing C#.
    We have already created a detailed guide which we will release from day one of Robin v0.9.3.

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Right @jpap. I Understand since this is a Programming language and not a product most of the modules will have to be custom built according to the need.
But what I am looking for is example of utilizing C# in Robin. May be that will clear my understanding.
Robin releasing as Open-Source is really big news.

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