Running Web Automation script in the background without a user login session

Will a Robin Web Automation script run from the Windows Task Scheduler without a user login?

I want to write a Robin Web Automation script to navigate to a URL, logins, enters some keys, and download a file.

If I get this script working in the foreground, will it also run in the background as a Task Scheduler job?

Thank you,

Mai N

It worked for me without any issues. I could run it by scheduling in task scheduler and disconnecting from the session.

However, it was not working for windows apps . Give a try and let me know if it worked for u.

My Robin web automation script works from OPCON during business hours when I have OPCON opens but did not run at midnight when I’m not logged in to Windows and OPCON is not open. Robin script got “Browser is Unavailable” error at WebAutomation.LaunchInternetExplorer call.

I’m still testing with different times. Would prefer to have scheduled job running early in the morning.

I appreciate any input you may have.

Thanks in advance,