RPA Challenge Movie Search

Moving on with the RPA Challenge projects, I attempted to automate the Movie Search challenge by utilizing Python for the review Sentiment Analysis.

Of course, this is only one of the many approaches that could work on this case. Looking forward for the community ideas!

# This is an attempt to automate the 'Movie Search' RPA Challenge`
# (http://rpachallenge.com/movieSearch) using Robin for the Web Automation and 
# Text Extraction part and Python for the Sentiment Analysis part

# Make sure that you have Python 3 installed and Pandas, Scikit-Learn libraries in place

# If Python is not added to system's PATH, enter the whole path to the python.exe file location, 
# otherwise leave it empty.

set PythonPath to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Shared\Python37_64\\'

# Get user's name from the current environment

System.GetEnvironmentVariable \
    Name: 'USERNAME' \
    Value=> User

# Launch Firefox and navigate to challenges URL'
WebAutomation.LaunchFirefox Url: 'http://rpachallenge.com/movieSearch'\
    ClearCache:False ClearCookies:False \
    BrowserInstance=> Browser

# Get 3 random movies
WebAutomation.FormFilling.PressButton \
    BrowserInstance: Browser \
    Control: 'domcontainer{<{<{<SelectorSeparator>}>}>}uia3:// button:contains("Get Popular Movies")'

wait 2

# Start the timer
WebAutomation.FormFilling.PressButton \
    BrowserInstance: Browser \
    Control: 'domcontainer{<{<{<SelectorSeparator>}>}>}uia3:// button:contains("Start Timer")'

# Open movie comments one by one and extract text
loop i from 5 to 7 step 1
    WebAutomation.DataExtraction.GetDetailsOfElement \
        BrowserInstance: Browser \
        Control: 'domcontainer{<{<{<SelectorSeparator>}>}>}uia3:// div[class^="instructionsDiv"] > div:eq('+i+') > span'\
        AttributeName: 'Own Text' \
        AttributeValue=> Movie
    WebAutomation.Click \
        BrowserInstance: Browser \  
        Control: 'domcontainer{<{<{<SelectorSeparator>}>}>}uia3:// div[class^="instructionsDiv"] > div:eq('+i+') > i:contains("comment")'
    wait 2
    call ReviewExtraction Browser:Browser
    WebAutomation.Click \
        BrowserInstance: Browser \
        Control: 'domcontainer{<{<{<SelectorSeparator>}>}>}uia3:// span:contains("'+Movie+'") + i:contains("close")' 

# Submit results
WebAutomation.FormFilling.PressButton \
    BrowserInstance: Browser \
    Control: 'domcontainer{<{<{<SelectorSeparator>}>}>}uia3:// button:contains("Submit")'

# Extract Review text and store it into a variable
function ReviewExtraction Browser
    # Get Reviews' number
    WebAutomation.ExecuteJavascript \
        BrowserInstance: Browser Javascript:'''function ExecuteScript() { 
                     var ReviewList = document.getElementsByClassName("card blue-grey darken-1 col");
                                                    return ReviewList.length;}''' \
        Result=> Reviews
    Text.ToNumber \
        Text: Reviews \
        Number=> Reviews
    # Retrieve Reviews' Text
    loop i from 0 to Reviews-1
            BrowserInstance: Browser \
            Control: 'domcontainer{<{<{<SelectorSeparator>}>}>}uia3:// div[class="card blue-grey darken-1 col "]:eq('+i+') p' \
            AttributeName: 'Own Text' \
            AttributeValue=> ReviewText
        call PositiveOrNegative Review:i ReviewText:ReviewText Browser:Browser

#Run ML model by calling Python through Command Line.
function PositiveOrNegative Review,ReviewText,Browser
    CommandLine.Open \
        Directory:'C:\Users\\'+g:User+'\Documents\GitHub\Robin_Examples\RPA Challenge Movie Search\Text Classification approach' \
        Session=> Session
    CommandLine.Write \
        Session: Session \
        Command: '"'+PythonPath+'python" "Text Classification.py" "'+ReviewText+'"' \
    CommandLine.WaitForText \
        Session: Session \
        Text: '\[\'(neg)|(pos)\'\]' \
        IsRegEx:True \
        IgnoreCase:True Timeout:0
    CommandLine.Read \
        Session: Session \
        CmdOutput=> Sentiment
    CommandLine.Close Session: Session
    #Parse the output to retrieve the Sentiment
    Text.RegexParseForFirstOccurrence \
        Text: Sentiment \
        TextToFind: '(?<=\[\')\w{3}' \
        StartingPosition: 0 \
        IgnoreCase:False \
        OccurrencePosition=> OccurrencePosition \
        Match=> Sentiment
    Text.ChangeCase \
        Text: Sentiment \
        NewCase:Text.CaseOption.TitleCase \
        Result=> Sentiment
    # Select Positive or Negative
    WebAutomation.Click \
        BrowserInstance: Browser \
        Control: '''domcontainer{<{<{<SelectorSeparator>}>}>}uia3:// 
                div[class="card blue-grey darken-1 col "]:eq('''+Review+''') 
                > div:eq(1) > a:contains("'''+Sentiment+'")'

The execution gave good results (over 80%), for some combinations even up to 93,33% accuracy.

GitHub Link


Great Job Jokoum! Congratulations!
This will give a good insights for the Robin Community!
Best Regards!


@jokoum, well done. Thank you!

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Great approach @jokoum!
Looking forward to the next one!

Best regards,