Robin's secret weapon? ExecuteJavascript

‘WebAutomation.ExecuteJavascript’ is, I’m starting to think, one of the most uniquely powerful tools in Robin. Compared to other RPA languages (there actually is at least one other, not open source, Rigel’s RPA Developer language, CartesScript) and platforms it is dead easy. WinAutomation of course has it and that’s no surprise under the circumstances.

UiPath’s ‘Inject JS Script’ is a lot harder to work with and in my opinion more limited. Automagica doesn’t even have the word ‘javascript’ in their user guide, as of today, although they could easily implement JS injection via Selenium. G1ANT does it via Selenium. Intellibot’s version requires capturing an image, and I still haven’t figured out how to make it just do a simple 'alert("Hello, World!");' And the list goes on.

Microsoft, please revive this project! If you let it founder, it’ll be like putting a champion racehorse out to pasture.