Quick Intro Guide: CaptureFast Module

This is a short introduction on the use of the CaptureFast module.

CaptureFast is a cloud and AI-based document and data capture application that allows you to extract valuable information from your documents.

Robin provides out-of-the-box integration with CaptureFast. You can find the documentation here.

In this simple exercise, we are going to perform the following steps:

  1. Prompt a dialog to ask user to select a file.
  2. Establish a connection to CaptureFast.
  3. Upload the selected file to CaptureFast.
  4. Check the file upload is completed successfully.
  5. Retrieve the extracted data from CaptureFast.
  6. Displays the results to the user.

Below displays the sample script:

When you run this script, you will see an input dialog requesting you to select a file. Do note that if you want users to be able to select multiple files, you will need to use Display.SelectFiles instead.

The next step is to establish a connection to CaptureFast. In this case, we have hard-coded the username and password in the script (which is definitely not a best practice). It will be recommended to have an input dialog to prompt the user for their password instead. To do this, use the Display.InputDialog where the InputType is Password.

Next, we will upload the selected file to CaptureFast. You will need the TeamId which can be found by clicking on any template in CaptureFast and looking for the value for FormTypeID. In this example, we want CaptureFast to perform automatic document classification, hence the value of TemplateId is set to 0.

Then, we will ensure the document upload is successful by checking the StatusCode before proceeding further. This is done through a simple if statement. Also, in our example, there is a wait of 30s to give us time to verify the data extraction from the CaptureFast application.

After this, we will retrieve the results from CaptureFast using the DocumentId. Note that the output is in the form of a Customer Object which needs to be converted to JSON for easy manipulations.

Finally, we will display the results to the user.

Hope you find this quick intro useful.

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