Process trigeering for incoming email

If one outlook session is generated by python for continuous monitoring of incoming emails and if another outlook session is created by robin to read this incoming email then not able to retrieve email from inbox .process gets stuck.
Here i am triggering robin script using python for new incoming email and i am trying to extract the incoming email in robin.
Please guide for above scenario.

@supriya.shelke, without seeing any code, it seems to me you might want to try triggering a Python script from Robin, rather than the other way around.

As far as I know, Robin doesn’t have the capability to attach to a running Outlook instance. You can, however, attach to a running Outlook instance from Python using COM. A few links: here, here, and here. You will have to do some more research, though, as most people simply create the Outlook COM object in Python and then work with it. What you would want to do is attach to the Outlook instance created by Robin with a Python script you trigger from Robin. You may be able to do it with the Python2 capability built in to Robin, or you could run a Python3 session from another Robin command.

Perhaps there’s a lot easier way to do it that I don’t know about - I hope so. :grinning: