Problem when trying to run Robin Script (stuck at "Running script...")

It is not showing any output. Whenever I try to run the Robin Script, the prompt gets stuck as shown in the attached SS. Can anyone help me with this ?

Hello @Meghanaraj and welcome to our community.

Have you got the latest version of robin installed?
Have you tried running the cmd with elevated rights (Run as admin)?

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I have downloaded the latest version(.Version:

I’m using these below commands to run the Robin script
robin check “script file path” - to check the script in command prompt
robin run “script file path” - to run the script in command prompt

robin check command is working properly if I run robin run command it’s showing only below lines but not the output
Checking script…
Loading robot…
Running script…

If i run directly in robin editor also it’s showing the same line

@Meghanaraj, could you attach your script?

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I have attached the screenshot of script.
It’s a simple script i was trying to run. In output section it’s showing only those 3 lines.

I’m not able to find the detailed information(like how to create simple script and simple automation) and demo videos about Robin. So can you suggest me where I can find the resources.

The problem most probably has to do with your configuration.
Are you sure you have appropriate access to your workstation?

You can find examples and explanations by visiting the official documentation of Robin here:

There is also a constantly growing plethora of guides and tutorials in our community forums here. Check the Language and Module categories.

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1)Go to Robin.exe properties and allow all permisssion to like modify system setting,Full control .
also if you have mysql installed then you must end the task of mysql from taskmanager.

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Can you tell me what are the configurations that I need to check.

Is CLI is mandatory ?
Because while installing Robin CLI was not installed only Robin Editor and Robin spy are installed.

@Meghanaraj please run the script by providing admin rights.
Regarding CLI…
Robin runs on top of Windows’ CLI (like most applications running on Windows).
CLI (or cmd.exe if you like) comes pre-bundled with your Windows installation, nothing to do here.
If you wish to run your script by utilizing the CLI, make sure you have run it (the CLI) by providing admin rights.

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Thank you. Now its working properly.

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Can you please brief the features of Robin and also how it is better than other RPA Language( Ex: UI Path, Blueprism, Automation Anywhere) ?

Please take a look here: