Portable Robin installation


Is it possible to make Robin portable or install it in some folder without admin rights, because some of us dont have admin rights on our bussiness computer.

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Hello @blue83 and welcome to our community!

As you do understand, Robin creates bots that act as users, having access to various resources on an installation, thus admin rights are mandatory.
Making a portable installation will solve anything and will actually prohibit Robin from working as intended.
If you do not have admin rights on your workstation, you should consult your IT department for a more centralized approach.

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Hi @jpap ,

Thank you on your answer.

I am using Autohotkey for now and without installation and all my robots are working great, so my question was leading in that direction.

My IT in company is hard to get.

Also one more question is can I compile my script to .exe and give that exe to my colleague that he can run robot on his computer?