Point of using Robin over UiPath

I don’t really understand the advantages of a programming language over the drag and drop tools such as UiPath. I mean can somebody please give some real world cases where a programming language would be preferred over the tools for automation?

Kindly enlighten me.

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Hi @Theju112, welcome to the forum.

I can’t speak for anyone else, of course, but I do have UiPath certification so maybe my input will be helpful. UiPath is a market leader and a powerful platform, but it isn’t the best solution for everyone.

Here are a few situations where a person or company might prefer Robin (or other languages suited to automation) over UiPath.

  1. UiPath’s cost does not justify the use or uses to which it will be put, and free solutions are available (Robin, Python, AutoHotkey, AutoIt, oorexx, node.js, VBS, PowerShell, to name a few);
  2. The solution requires the use of other applications (such as those just named) that, compared to UiPath, are as easy as or easier to script with a programming language;
  3. The users or user’s employees are programmers, as opposed to the business users that would typically design workflows in any RPA solution such as UiPath that uses a rehosted Windows Workflow Designer; or
  4. The drag and drop tool does not offer easy customization to provide features needed for the automation task contemplated (obviously new Activities can be created for UiPath, but there you’re back to Visual Studio, fairly advanced programming knowledge and arguably way out of the “drag and drop” ease-of-use scenario).

That’s my two cents’ worth.



Great answer! I also agree with burque505 and I’m also an UiPath certified!


Hello @Theju112 and welcome to our community!
Robin “exists” in the same realm (RPA) as other automation platforms but that is where the similarities end.
Robin is not a platform, it is a scripting language, a technology.
It’s main goal it to enable users to automate their processes through scripting.
The functionality that comes pre-bundled with Robin is only the “tip of the iceberg”.
You can extend it and create your own modules and actions by utilizing its SDK, thus allowing for the creation of efficient and sophisticated automation scripts.
Another key point is that Robin is set to become open-source soon.
This will allow software engineers, users and companies to tamper and modify the language itself.
By utilizing a platform you are always dependent on the vendor that offers it whereas in Robin you will avoid vendor lock-in.

Wishes for a joyful and productive new year!

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