Outlook ask for password when launched through Robin

Hello guys,

Following is my problem whenever I try to launch Outlook via robin it prompts to enter the password which does not happen if I open normally. Also, there is a code where it triggers a VBA script to perform actions and sent emails, in this scenario also it prompts for a password but when the script is run separately it does not have any concern.

Following are my speculation
When a program running in robin chances are there could be a difference in access rights and its not able to access the credentials

Please let me know if anything i can do to solve this issue
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Hi @AllenRichy, welcome to the forum!

On my system, Robin Editor is set to run as admin, but robin.exe is not. I generally set up an elevated shortcut if I’m going to use robin.exe. I also have Outlook set to run as admin.

That said, Outlook does not prompt me for a password when I launch Outlook from Robin Editor. It also does not prompt for a password I run “robin.exe run LaunchOutlook.robin” (my test script) from an admin command prompt. Because at the moment I do not have robin.exe set to run as admin, the script won’t even run from a non-elevated command prompt.

I have a suspicion that your access rights for Outlook may be different than your access rights for Robin, but without knowing that I would still suggest experimenting with the access rights for the involved executables (i.e. Robin.Editor.exe, robin.exe, and Outlook.exe). If they are not all the same now, please try setting at least Robin.Editor.exe and Outlook.exe to the same access rights level. (Personally I have never had much look with either Outlook or Robin.Editor.exe unless they are set to run with administrative privileges).

Best of luck, and please let us know what your results are.

@burque505 thank you for the reply we were able to negate this by changing the product key of the microsoft office license and it seemed to work.

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That’s very interesting, @AllenRichy, I’m glad you were able to solve your problem.