Next Robin release time frame

Just curious to know when would be the next Robin release (1.0) - open source?
I believe it is still on? And I strongly wish for that.


@jpap any insight on the next release will be helpful. Making Robin available on Linux platform will add huge value.


@jpap iā€™m really exited to hear about the next release of Robin, any good news for us?

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Hello @msbadreldin and welcome to our community.
Apologies for the late response but for some reason I missed the notification.
At the moment I cannot comment on the roadmap of the project. There will be updates in the future.
You can download the latest version from the official site and kickstart your RPA journey by checking the docs and the amazing tutorials provided by our community members!

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Thanks @jpap. If not for timeline, can you please confirm if there is going to be a new release in future? Also, can we continue exploring the possibility of using Robin in our projects? Please clarify. Thanks.

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