How to store images in list?

I want to click on an image of web application to click on image i have to store image and pass it in image parameter it should be in list of How can i do it?
This is the Syntax : what value i have to put in images and how can i store image as variable in list
MouseAndKeyboard.ClickImage Images: SearchForImageOn:MouseAndKeyboard.SearchTarget.EntireScreen MousePositionOnImage:MouseAndKeyboard.PositionOnImage.MiddleCenter OffsetX:0 OffsetY:0 Tolerance:10 MovementStyle:MouseAndKeyboard.MovementStyle.Instant Occurence:1 Timeout:0 SecondsBeforeClick:0 X=> X Y=> Y

We’re u able to figure out the code for it? If yes please share the code.
I tried using images list but it is throwing Argument ‘Images’ must be ‘List of’ error. So opened another thread for help today.

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@Murali, I’m quite interested in knowing the answer as well.