Heavily updated AutoHotkey Custom Module

I’ve made a little progress with the module. You can find it at the GitHub repo as a VS solution. Once I’ve added all the functionality I want to add to it, I will create a NuGet package. I don’t really want to do that until it’s a lot closer to a finished project (if projects like this are ever ‘finished’), but anyone with Visual Studio can compile it.

It will be very easy to add a module to Robin from a NuGet package. As many of you know, a NuGet package is essentially a ZIP archive. Once more Robin Custom Modules appear, as I’m sure they will, people will be able to download from NuGet, extract the libraries, and place in the Custom Modules folder in the Robin program directory.

The naming has been greatly simplified. About seven new actions have been added.

I’d like to show that it’s actually something you can put to use in Robin today. Let’s say you have an application that you’re unable to grab controls from with UiSpy (perhaps a SAP application or some other Citrix app). You can still create images of the controls, and use a script like the one below to click on the images. I just used the built-in Windows snipping to tool to grab the images. No appmask needed! You’ll need this custom module, obviously. :grinning:

N.B.: You have to be really careful with your AutoHotkey script creation, at least for now, when using it with Robin. Robin wants to run everything in the Windows temp directory, and appears to override the AutoHotkey built_in variable “A_ScriptDir”, which is the directory where the script starts. Absolute paths are required, at least for now.

Here’s the AutoHotkey code (note the absolute paths). All it does is loop three times, alternately clicking ‘Company’, ‘Other’, and people.

#Include C:\work\RobinTests\FindClick.ahk



FindImages() {
	Loop, 3 {
	sleep, 1000
	Sleep, 1000
	Sleep, 1000

The library ‘FindClick.ahk’ by berban is available here. You’ll absolutely need it, but it’s not very big. It’s a great library and does a whole lot more than just go straight to an image and click. Lots of documentation too.

The guinea pig application is a little sample program by the people at RatchetSoft called MyCRM.exe. Those of you who have worked with UiPath probably used it in training. (I spoke to the creator of the app, who was quite surprised to find out that UiPath was using it without attribution!)



Just an animated GIF of the script at work.