Guide: Create your own Robotic Desktop Automation implementation using Robin

Just created this topic to have all related guides/tutorials in one place, for newcomers and the rest of the community members to be able to access it more efficiently.

Some words…

Robin is the first RPA language, not a platform or a program.
You can write automation scripts in Robin and run them explicitly to have the desired outcome.

By following the next steps (guides) you are going to be able to create your own RDA implementation.

I am going to populate this thread with any upcoming related guide to provide a more concise approach.

Note: In order for your scripts to work as expected:

  • Robin has to be installed in every PC you want to run its scripts.

  • The scripts must be available on every PC you want to automate tasks.

  • The .exe that utilizes the scripts internally must be available on every PC you want to automate tasks to.

  • You might need to configure the filepaths in your scripts, depending on your configuration.

Best regards,

James Papadimitriou
Technical Evangelist


Great idea James! This will give a better idea to new member about Robin that is a fantastic automation language! Cheers!


@jpap, thanks as always. I have been using Task Scheduler already to trigger workflows without UAC prompts; your guide is much appreciated.

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