FlaUInspect - good inspection tool, just updated

Compared to other offerings, FlaUInspect works well, although I am experiencing crashes on Win7 when I try to take a screenshot. Fortunately ‘prt scr’ on the keyboard works.

Might FlaUI itself be a worthwhile addition to the SDK?


Hello @burque505 and thanks for the suggestion!

I have made some research on FlaUI and although a really handy and well-written tool, it is lacking a lot of features UISpy has.
UISpy allows for Web and Desktop automation and currently we are putting a lot of effort into it (a lot of good things coming up :wink: ).

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James Papadimitriou
Technical Evangelist


Hi @jpap, there’s no doubt that FlaUInspect lacks features of UISpy. My intention was to (possibly) use it as an adjunct to UISpy, not a replacement, to help in building Custom selectors for Menubars (which apparently cause consternation and plenty of discussion).

Below is my feeble attempt, using information from FlaUInspect for Acrobat XI Pro (beyond all doubt a prime candidate for automation worldwide), to grab the ‘File’ menu. As with my Notepad attempts, the menu flickers but can’t be accessed. Although it’s apparently a candidate, and although the White framework can access the Menubar, I’m not having any luck with it so far with Robin.

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