(Date) First day and last day of previous month

Unable to get first day and last day of previous and what will be the conditions if it is a leap year??


Please refer the following article . I believe it will help you.

@Suniel @jpap not working i tried using github code but was only able to retrieve first day and last day of month containing 31 days

Could you please try VBscript code which is attached in same code. It is working for all for the last day of the month. Same way you can try for getting first day of the month.

How do i install VB script in robin??

You don’t need to install vbscript. could you please try the same vbscript code from the screenshot which is attached in below article

@Suniel what changes should i make in order to get dates of previous month and will it work for Leap year as well?

@Suniel VBscript code is working for current month what to do in order to get for previous month

@Suniel Unable to get the desired output can you please share the code??

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