(Database) Connecting to MySQL database and Executing queries using Robin

As we know that working with Database is also very important in RPA.

We can connect to database using Robin and also we can execute queries on that.

Here I am attaching code for same.


@Suniel, thank you very much! You gave me the idea for a little guide on connecting to Excel to execute SQL queries. I’ll post it in Tutorials/Guides.

Hello @Suniel , @burque505,
I have question how can we connect mysql through xampp with Robin.
If you can help that will be great!
Thanks in Advance.

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hi sir
I want to learn about how to get the connection string ?
is it common for all database like for Mongodb , maria Db , sqlDb

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Hi @kunalnisar, I’m not sure if this will meet your specific needs, but here goes.
For MariaDB on Windows, try here. For connection strings in general, try ConnectionStrings.com. For MongoDB, try here.

hi @burque505 , thanks for sharing the websites but i still didn’t understood
actually i have installed the mysql server and mongodb server but i want to get the server address , username and password of these installed server
so my actual question is how do i get the connection string from these installed server ?
please help

Kunal Nisar

Hello @kunalnisar and welcome to our community!

I believe there might be a bit of misunderstanding here.
Connection strings are utilized to bridge practically other endpoints with a database.
Based on the database you want to connect to you are going to have to utilize a connection string with a specific format (MariaDB has its own format, SQL Server has its own etc.).

In Robin, you have to provide this connection string yourself to the Database module in order to form a successful connection with the database.

You have to provide the credentials/ requisite info to form a connection string for your desired database.
I suggest studying a bit more about databases.

You could start for MySQL here:

and here:

Best regards,

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@Suniel @burque505 @jpap
I have created Database using Xampp.
How can I connect that Database using Robbin.?
Please Help me to solve these.
Thanks & Regards,
Snehal :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it a MySQL database? Then you should use the corresponding connection string:

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