Click Save on a Notification window of a web page after download


I used Robin UI Spy to capture the Notification window at the bottom of a web page, and its Save button. In my robin script, when I do a ClickPressDialogButton, Robin does not like my control element. It always says not found:

Element with CSS Selector ‘> pane[class=“DirectUIHWND”] > toolbar[class=“DirectUIHWND”][id=“IENotificationBar”][name=“Notification”]’ not found

What WebAutomation function call do you recommend I do to grab this window and click Save?

Thank you so much for your help.


@mai1701 Actually you are trying to use WebAutomation on windows control that is the issue here.

To fix this you have to use UiAutomation click action.


Hello Ranjith,

Thank you for your response. I tried:

*UIAutomation.Click Element : myMaskFile.myWebSite.AfterDownloadPage.SplitButtonSave ; I get “Click failed (failed to get control)”
*UIAutomation.FormFilling.PressButton Button : myMaskFile.myWebSite.AfterDownloadPage.SplitButtonSave; I get “Failed to press button (Button not found)”
*UiAutomation.Windows.Get Control: myMaskFile.myWebSite.AfterDownloadPage.OpenSavePrompt BringWindowToFront:Yes WindowInstance =>myWindow Window:myWindow
UIAutomation.Click Element: ‘Save’

Nothing works. Could you provide me with some sample code to do this? I really appreciate it.

I try so many different calls…do I need to recapture the Notification window and Save Button in UISpy? what do I need to set in UI Spy to grap the control?
I tried setting the Id and Name of Tool Bar Notification window.

Thank you,


Ranjith, I followed your suggestion and use UIAutomation clicks to close the Notification windows after download and it worked!

Thank you so much for responding to my post.



Great work!!! Thank you for the update :smiley: