Chrome UISpy add-on doesn't perform

I have created a script to perform certain set of actions using WebAutomation.LaunchChrome.
running the script , i have a problem with chrome plugin:
Failed to assume control of Chrome (Communication with browser failed. Make sure add-on is installed).
i’m attach the screens chrome and Robin editor


Hello @domdom

I don’t see anything wrong with your script.
Something wrong must have happened during the UISpy add-on installation.

Please un-install and re-install it through Chrome and try again.

Note: I renamed the topic and changed its category to better reflect on the question/issue.

Best regards,

James Papadimitriou
Technical Evangelist

Hi @jpap,
Thanks a lot for the answer.
I performed the indicated steps without obtaining the expected resolution.
can I send you some other input / action to solve the problem?

I have replicated the example my-self and everything seems fine.
Could you please re-install Robin and retry?

Unless it is some sensitive info, it would be best if you could provide all the useful information in this thread.
This way you might help other community members that might experience the same issue. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

James Papadimitriou
Technical Evangelist

I have re-installed and tried again, but the problem still exists
the data provided are those of the test I am doing for a case study

I await other suggestions

@domdom hi,

That’s a bit odd, you shouldn’t be experiencing any issues.
Un-install and re-install Chrome extension.
Then launch Robin editor as an administrator.
Tell us how it went this time.

Best regards,

James Papadimitriou
Technical Evangelist