Central Control - Control Room/Orchestrator for Robin Script

Hi Team,

Please update if we are going to get any Central Control Room or Orchestrator for different Scripts excecution or their Schedule or any dashboard to keep a track of each and every Script executing on target machine. Just like other RPA tools like Blue Priam and Uipath.


@Pravesh2891 hi,

Robin is an RPA language, not a platform like the ones you mentioned.
So the scope differs.
You can create automation scripts and practically implement your own RDA solution by utilizing a series of other tools (C# program development for .exe creation and Windows’ Task Scheduler for scheduling/triggering).
I have already published a guide on how to call .robin scripts through a C# console application and have just finished a guide on how to utilize Task Scheduler to run your scripts (by utilizing the .exes for instance, that use your robin scripts internally).
I am putting some finishing touches and will publish it shortly.
Stay tuned.

Best regards,

James Papadimitriou
Technical Evangelist