Bots deployment in robin

How are bots deployed in Robin and Do it uses orchestrator for scheduling the bot? If not then what are they ways you can schedule the bots to work unattended.

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I don’t think “bot” is the correct term here.

With Robin, you can create scripts and run them from:

  1. The editor
  2. Command-line

You could also extend its functionality through Visual Studio. There are a lot of examples in the documentation and the forum to get started.


Hello @Rinni.

Robin is a language (soon to be open-source), not a platform.
Every script in Robin is practically a sole robot, there is no orchestration or central management out of the box.
Robin scripts can be utilized through C# code and you can combine a said solution with Windows Task Scheduler to create your own RPA solution.

Take a look at the guides I have created here:

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