Argument 'Images' must be 'List of' error

I have 2 parts to my question:

  1. I am trying to automate java awt windows application. Using UISpy I am able to add only the screen but not the other elements like text box, buttons etc. present on the screen. Is there any plan to add feature like capture images to UISpy or other options to add support to such apps?

  2. As elements did not get recognized I tried using clicking beside image option.
    Firstly, I captured field name image besides which is the text box in which I need to enter text. I saved this image as .png in the same folder where my script is present.

Then tried to move mouse to text field beside this image using ‘MouseAndKeyboard.MoveMouseToImage’. So that I can use send keys option to enter required text.

But I am getting below error. Any suggestions/inputs please? PFA screenshot.
Error: Argument ‘Images’ must be 'List of ’

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@Murali, I’m getting the same errors:

I’ve tried setting a list of images as below, even though I only want one. Then I created an action just for debugging. I believe this is very similar to what you’ve described.

But checking the script, I get this error:

I am baffled.

EDIT: It appears to me from the dnSpy screenshot for ‘MoveMouseToImage’ (calling ‘MoveMouseToImageBase’) below that we need a .NET List<T> where ‘T’ = ‘Image’. I don’t know how to create that List type in Robin.


Yes it’s the same error :slight_smile:
Waiting for help on this issue.

Hi @Murali, I don’t if this will help, but have a look at this tip using AutoHotkey and Robin.

Its only saving grace is that it works - it is indeed a kludge.


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Thank you :smiley: I will look into it.

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I do hope it helps, but I realize it’s just a workaround and requires extra software. :frowning_face:

Hi @Murali, here’s a way to do it with Python using the pyautogui module, which is even used in commercial RPA offerings.

Here all I do is move the mouse to the ‘Quit’ button in the same Java program as before. It doesn’t take much code.

Here’s the Python code, again it doesn’t take much, and you can of course remove the print statements, which are only there for debugging.

import pyautogui as pag
import sys, os
import subprocess
import time

cwd = os.getcwd()

filepath = os.path.join(cwd, '')
subprocess.Popen("javaw " + filepath)

bloc = pag.locateCenterOnScreen('quitpy.png')
# bx, by =

The .png file and the files are the same is in my previous examples.


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@jpap @jokoum @Code4FunVienna @Sahil @burque505 @nutan
Any help on this error friends? Thanks.
Error: Argument ‘Images’ must be 'List of

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It’s been driving me nuts, I must admit. None of my tinkering with it worked. I’ll certainly be happy to see the solution!

Sorry Murali,
the command definitely wants a

< List of >

and I failed to trick it.

So the only solution is to wait for the new version of robin where we finally get access to the source code.



@burque505 @Code4FunVienna
Thanks guys. Let’s wait for new version to see if it gets resolved :+1:

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