Add a data row to a table

Which module I have to use to insert a data row variable to a data table?

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Good question, @Ranjith! Here’s some thoroughly unsatisfactory code that requires declaring empty datatable rows at creation. I’m sure someone has a much better solution. P.S. I’m fairly positive you are not 240 years old, sorry about that! :grinning:

set dtvar to {^['Name','Age'],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['',''],['','']}

set drvar to ['Ranjith', 240]

set dtvar[0] to drvar

Console.Write Message: dtvar[0]
set dtvar[10] to ['burque505','ancient']

Console.Write Message: dtvar[10]

Console.Write Message: dtvar

@Ranjith right now there is not an out-of-the-box functionality to add a data row to an already existing data table.
You can modify the already existing entries in a table.
The best approach for now would be to transfer all the data to a list and make your additions there.
We are already developing the requested functionality which is going to be available in release 0.9.4, in the near future.

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Thank you @jpap, for your response. This is one of the nice to have functionality.


Thank you! @burque505

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